*** Semi - Drivers Need Ethics Schooling ***

*** James 3:17 ***

Truckers /// Truck Drivers

A ruthless occupation / a needed service.
Seems to draw the lost / wandering type, and loathsome individual.

May be, in hope of something good to come out of such strange vocation.
Bouncing around in an 18 wheeler day and night. Seeking the courage to go
on/sometimes afraid of what lurks ahead, or at the next turn.

Wondering what I am doing in such a strange environment. No one to trust, alone
24/7 and need desperately to trust myself / to trust my "own" self; YES.

My desires are many, an translucent / not clear at best.
Stability should be the name of the game / successful to a worthwhile outcome.

Everyone is depending on me, to be strong / honest / durable.
For they, too, are wandering, looking for something, and
someone to hang on to; in this pestilent society.

Everyone seems to be drowning in this consumed / corrupt / wasted existence
called life.

Yes, I should become responsible to MYSELF / my neighbour / everyone. In my
profession I hold the lives of thousands at risk, SHOULD consider their safety first.
And am responsible to many; that my CHARACTER be a shining light for good.

*** And LIFE begins here ***

* Proverbs 1, 2, 3, 31:10-31 *

*** Psalms 23, 37, 91, 103 ***

* 2 Tim. 2:25-26 *
SEX / An Ungodly / Sinful Act
* Heb. 13:4 * Rom. 8:6-13 *
EXCEPT, in Holy Marriage
* Eph. 5:21-33 *

* Romans 1:22-32 *
The Natural Use
Marriage / Childbearing
* 1 Tim. 2:15 *

Examples / Aggression

This man / sensual; his sin found him out / exposed, "James 1:12-15".
He has a wife / teacher who seeks Christ, and also 2 daughters.
His wife knew he was finishing his run and expected him home.

He had gotten beat up messing with other women. His face was all swollen,
with bruises. He has to face his consequences / whatsoever you soweth,
so shall you reap; "Galatians 6:7-10"

*** BOSS of the road ***

* Yet, easy prey / brought low*
*Loathsome; women stalkers at truck stops *
Adult video centers, sports bars, wet tee shirt clubs, and others.
Having it your way, thinking no one will know.
Fornicator, adultery / idolatry; poly relationships; "Colossians 3:5-9

* This way * FATAL DISTRACTIONS * to hell * CHEATERS / loathsome;
snared in darkness, HOPING, for light??? "2 Timothy 2:25-26"

*** 2 Timothy 3:1-7 ***

Then, this truck driver / man says his Bible rides beside him all the time.
His mother was; born again "John 3:3" / spirit filled "John 6:53-63"

His dad was an attempted rapist, etc. And finally had the gumption to divorce his
wife and children; to marry a woman he ran around with/she had money. He never
provided much income. Their oldest daughter followed her mother; decently and in
order after Christ, "1 Corinthians 14:40"

Their youngest daughter died about age 35 doing what her dad did.

Now the son / this truck driver all his life, now about seventy;
keeps his Bible with him all the time.

Been divorced for about 30 years having his girlfriends following his dad. Defeated.
*** "Proverbs 4, 5, 6, 7, 8."

*** What a disgusting culture ***

* * *
"Eternity, what about it???"

Then, there is this truck driver / man on I-44 near Springfield. He decided to take the
inside lane for whatever reason. Crushes a car into the concrete barrier, and kills a
man and his wife. What was he thinking? Destroyed / murder.

Now, what to think about this one?

Pickup going North on I-430 / 3 lanes, Little Rock.

Everyone is in a hurry, pickup in fast lane doing 65 / speed limit;
trucker comes up fast, say 75 mph.

Trucker comes very close to rear of pickup giving bad gestures. Pickup moves to
center lane, trucker flies by then cuts across center lane into outside lane and
takes the next exit. What do you think?

Wack-o, maybe; this guy does not need to be driving a semi.
This guy will likely kill someone, "Boss of the road."

Yes, it's nuts out here, what to do?
Bad CHARACTER makes for a bad driver, truck or CAR.

You are the solution, BE A RESPONSIBLE DRIVER / PERSON;
everyone matters, "OK".

* * *

Then, this trucker / man coming out of Memphis on I-40 west.
Very congested traffic riding the rear bumper of a Ranger pickup at NIGHT.

In fear for their life, the pickup moves over into the inside lane. Then seems to be
out of nowhere a motor cycle/biker riding the center line, flies between the two.
Yet the trucker continues to haunt the Ranger pickup, getting behind it evermore;
almost touching the rear bumper.

Many miles ahead the Ranger pickup eludes the trucker by making a sharp turn off
on an upcoming exit. Why do such? What was he thinking? "Hebrews 4:11-13"

* * *

Now, this minister in a pickup was pulling his RV headed to Benoit.

Yes, he must have been OFFENSIVE; because he had Bible scripture verses
on the back of his RV.

A trucker closely tailgated the RV for some time. Very little traffic on the interstate,
the trucker had the highway to himself / BOSS of the road
except for the pickup towing the RV.

After many miles of harassment the trucker made his move to pass.

The minister considered the trucker was up to no good. So before the trucker was
completely passed, the minister hit his brakes and moved out of the way. Sure
enough, the trucker whipped the rear of his trailer over as to run the minister off
the road into a deep GULLY. What was the trucker thinking?
Attempted murder is what it was.

*** BOSS of the road ***

Then, there are you who make sport / your entertainment / think it is funny
to toy around with other traffic.


Ever heard of highway courtesy.
Yes, we all have experienced YOUR reckless behavior.

Road dominance / road RAGE is not a game, IT IS MURDER.

You should follow the law/the law is safe, sixty-five miles an hour interstate outside
lane. Inside lane for other traffic / passing lane *"Luke 12:48-49."

If you do not want to believe there is a GOD / justice ahead,
at least be respectful to others.


You are "right" you deserve better; $40,000 a year is not enough?

May be $60,000; OK? How about anything over 40 hours, time-and-a-half
for * away from home / FAMILY pay.

Now, if you have children, and are NOT married / get married, 1 Corinthians 7:9.
If you have not honor for your woman / no honor for yourself;
honor your OWN children / BE FAMILY.

Change the world / your world by changing YOURSELF, "right". Yes, you've been

CHARACTER MATTERS / Eccl. 12:13-14

Ashamed to be a Catholic / religion, Phil. 3:18-19

*** HOW ABOUT ***

* A Truckers RALLY Right HERE *

Love your neighbor
*** Mathew 22:37-40 * 5:14-16 ***
Be a witness for CHRIST
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on your truck, maybe on back end.
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to make YOU free / bear fruit.
*** John 8:32 ***

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BIKERS / Sensual; Despise not instruction * Prov. 1:7