xxx Senual / SINGLES, Jude 18-19 xxx


Radio Spot #1

Well, you have had your fun. Had your boyfriends, girlfriends, threesomes, et cetera,
filled yourself up with all thirteen defilements within mankind.
You killed, stole from, and destroyed your own self, and all who tried to trust in you.
Cheated and cheated on all you could, refused to marry too
do truth, and be faithful to anyone, parents included/1 Cor. 7:9

And along comes God and requires payment for your willful, wretched lifestyle, and you have nothing to offer, nothing of interest to God.
Hell has enlarged herself to receive you.
Eternity * What about it???
Convert the UNBELIEVER
*** Jude 19 ***
Sensual / Hell
Mother of Harlots
Rev. 17
POLYGAMY/Poly Relationships
* A Disgusting CULTURE, and incest *
*** Confusions*James 3:15 ***

Radio Spot #2

So you thought being moral, trying to follow religions and denominations would be the right thing to try.
They are all out there saying, "Come with us; we are the way." Then if you are wise, you examine their
fruit and it is spoiled. Because their fruit never stands the test of love your neighbor as yourself.
Do not send "us" your money, do righteousness with it.
Eternity, what about it?

Radio Spot #3

Yes, eternity is where you will end up. Whether you choose to be wise or a fool,
walk in darkness or as light, yes, we all will end up in eternity.

***Just Different Circumstances***

Get saved, get healed, get spirit filled. What about Adam in Kentucky,
standing on the side of the road, he got a miracle.
The next day he was sure he had been cured of Parkinson disease. Days later he is still
praising the great physician. What about Pam in the Mississippi, three kinds of eye problems,
doctors had told her no need coming back. She bowed her head in agreement, then raised
up her head and she said, "I can see."
Other miracles/testimonies listed at WWW.THESANCTIFIED.ORG


Mental Health Romans 8:6

The Law

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Homosexual Community

Seducing Spirits
1 Timothy 4:1